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Research interests:  Theory of Automata, Timed and Hybrid Systems, Verification, Synthesis and Monitoring of Systems, Scheduling and Planning, Systems Biology.

Short Cucurriculum Vitae
"In the beginning
God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
Oded Maler was born in 21.2.57 in Haifa, Israel. He obtained his B.A. in Computer Science from the Technion, Haifa in 1979 and his M.Sc. in Management Science from the University of Tel-Aviv at In 1984. In 1989 he finished his Ph.D. thesis (Finite Automata: Infinite Behavior, Learnability and Decomposition), under the liberal supervision of A. Pnueli in the department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot. After two years of post-doc at IRISA, Rennes, he moved to Grenoble at 1992 and obtained a research position (CR1) at the CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) in 1994. He has been promoted to "research director" (DR2) in 2001 and (DR1) in 2011. And he lives more or less happily ever after.

Warm topics

·  FORMATS 2015, HSB 2015, Madrid, September 2-4, 2015 New

·  Conference: Perspective on Environmental and Systems Biology Grenoble, April 13-15, 2015 New

·  Timed and Hybrid Systems research at Verimag 2009-2014 Slides New

·  Stream Explorer: Deploying Data-Flow Streaming Application on Multi-Cores New

·  Dynamic Systems Biology (slides, December 2013), video, September 2013 part 1 part 2

·  SpaceEx: The State-space Explorer

·  My Habilitation (a kind of scientific autobiography summarizing my research from 1987 to 2000). 

·  Continuous Systems Verification 2010 Slides Video

·  Research on Analog Circuit Verification at Verimag, Toward AMS verification (slides)

·  At Least Now  Poems (in Hebrew) 1978.

·  Publications Google scholar DBLP Research Gate  

Recent Work

·  P. Tendulkar, P. Poplavko, O. Maler, Pipelined Scheduling of Acyclic SDF Graphs using SMT Solvers, IDEA 2015 New

·  P. Tendulkar, P. Poplavko, I. Galanommatis, O. Maler, Many-Core Scheduling of Data Parallel Applications using SMT Solvers, DSD 2014 New

·  D. Ulus, T. Ferrere, E. Asarin, O. Maler, Timed Pattern Matching, FORMATS 2014 New Slides

·  J.-F. Kempf, O. Lebeltel, O. Maler, Formal and Informal Methods for Multi-Core Design Space Exploration, QAPL 2014New Slides

·  O. Maler, The Unmet Challenge of Timed Systems, From Programs to Systems, 2014New Slides

·  O. Maler, I.E. Mens, Learning Regular Languages over Large Alphabets, TACAS 2014 New Slides

·  O. Maler, Algorithmic Verification of Continuous and Hybrid Systems, Infinity 2013 Slides New

·  O. Maler, A. Halasz, O. Lebeltel, O. Maler, Exploring the Dynamics of Mass Action Systems, HSB 2013 Slides

·  P. Tendulkar, P. Poplavko, O. Maler, Symmetry Breaking for Multi-Criteria Mapping and Scheduling on Multicores, FORMATS 2013, Slides

·  A Donze, T. Ferrere, O. Maler, Efficient Robust Monitoring for STL, CAV 2013 Slides

·  O. Maler, D. Nickovic, Monitoring Properties of Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs, STTT, 2013

Selected Publications

Hybrid Systems: General, Reachability, Synthesis, Monitoring, Exploration, Control

·  O. Maler, On Under-Determined Dynamical Systems, EMSOFT 2011, Slides

·  T. Dang, C. Le Guernic, O. Maler, Computing Reachable States for Nonlinear Biological Models, Theoretical Computer Science 2011 Slides

·  O. Maler, Amir Pnueli and the Dawn of Hybrid Systems, HSCC 2010, Good slides

·  E. Asarin, T. Dang, O. Maler, R. Testylier, Using Redundant Constraints for Refinement, ATVA 2010

·  O. Maler, D. Nickovic, A. Pnueli, Checking Temporal Properties of Discrete, Timed and Continuous Behaviors, Pillars of Computer Science, 2008

·  O. Maler, G. Batt, Approximating Continuous Systems by Timed Automata, FMSB 2008

·  O. Maler, On Optimal and Reasonable Control in the Presence of Adversaries, IFAC Annual Reviews in Control 2007. Slides Version francaise/French version

·  A. Donze, O. Maler,  Systematic Simulation using Sensitivity Analysis, HSCC 2007 Slides

·  A. Girard, C. Le Guernic, O. Maler, Efficient Computation of Reachable Sets of Linear Time-Invariant Systems with Inputs, HSCC 2006. Slides

·  P. Caspi, O. Maler, From Control Loops to Real-Time Programs, Handbook of Networked and Embedded Control Systems 2005. Slides

·  B. Krogh, J. Kapinski, O.Maler, O. Stursberg, On Systematic Simulation of Open Continuous Systems, HSCC 2003

·  O. MalerControl from Computer Science, IFAC Annual Reviews in Control 2003. Slides

·  O. MalerGuest Editorial: Verification of Hybrid Systems, European Journal of Control 2001

·  E. Asarin, O. Bournez, T. Dang, O. Maler, A. Pnueli, Effective Synthesis of Switching Controllers for Linear Systems, Proc. of the IEEE 2000

·  E. Asarin, O. Bournez, T. Dang, O. Maler, Reachability Analysis of Piecewise-Linear Dynamical Systems, HSCC 2000.

·  O. Maler, A Unified Approach for Studying Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, CDC 1998.

·  T. Dang, O. Maler, Reachability Analysis via Face Lifting, HSCC 1998

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, A. Pnueli, Reachability Analysis of Dynamical Systems having Piecewise-Constant Derivatives, TCS 1995 Slides

·  O. Maler, Z. Manna A. Pnueli, From Timed to Hybrid Systems, Real-Time: Theory in Practice, LNCS 600, Springer 1992.

Timed Systems: General, Synthesis, Timing Analysis, Theory, SMT, Stochastic

·  J.-F. Kempf, M. Bozga, O. Maler, As Soon as Probable: Optimal Scheduling under Stochastic Uncertainty, TACAS 2013 Slides

·  J.-F. Kempf, M. Bozga, O. Maler, Performance Evaluation of Schedulers in a Probabilistic Setting, FORMATS 2011 Slides

·  R. Ben Salah, M. Bozga, O. Maler, Compositional Timing Analysis, EMSOFT 2009. Informal version Slides

·  O. Maler, D. Nickovic, A. Pnueli,  On Synthesizing Controllers from Bounded-Response Properties, CAV 2007 Slides

·  O. Maler, D. Nickovic, A. Pnueli, From MITL to Timed Automata, FORMATS 2006

·  Y. Abdeddaïm, E. Asarin, O. Maler, Scheduling with Timed Automata, Theoretical Computer Science, 2006. 

·  S. Cotton, O. Maler, Fast and Flexible Difference Logic Propagation for  DPLL(T), SAT 2006. Slides

·  R. Ben Salah, M. Bozga, O. Maler, On Interleaving in Timed Automata, CONCUR 2006

·  O. Maler, D. Nickovic, A. Pnueli, Real Time Temporal Logic: Past, Present, Future, FORMATS 2005 Slides

·  O. Maler, A. Pnueli, On Recognizable Timed Languages, FOSSACS 2004 Slides

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, P. CaspiTimed Regular Expressions, The Journal of the ACM, 2002. 

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, As Soon as Possible: Time Optimal Control for Timed Automata, HSCC 1999

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, A. Pnueli, On Discretization of Delays in Timed Automata and Digital Circuits, CONCUR 1998.

·  O. Maler, A. Pnueli, Timing Analysis of Asynchronous Circuits using Timed Automata, CHARME 1995. (see also)

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, A. Pnueli, Symbolic Controller Synthesis for Discrete and Timed Systems, Hybrid Systems II 1995. See also [MPS95] and [AMPS98]

Theoretical Computer Science: Automata, Learning, Probabilities, Polyhedra, Optimization

·  J. Legriel, C. Le Guernic, S. Cotton, O. Maler, Approximating the Pareto Front of Multi-Criteria Optimization Problems, TACAS 2010

·  O. Maler, On the Krohn-Rhodes Cascaded Decomposition Theorem, Time for Verification, Essays in Memory of Amir Pnueli 2010

·  A. Degorre, O. Maler, On Scheduling Policies for Streams of Structured Jobs, FORMATS 2008

·  O. Bournez, O. Maler, A. Pnueli, Orthogonal Polyhedra: Representation and Computation, HSCC 1999

·  M. Bozga, O. Maler, On the Representation of Probabilities over Structured Domains, CAV 1999. Slides

·  E. Asarin, O. Maler, Achilles and the Tortoise Climbing Up the Arithmetical Hierarchy, J. of Computers and Systems Science 1998

·  A. Bouajjani, J. Esparza, O. Maler, Reachability Analysis of Pushdown Automata: Application to Model-Checking, CONCUR 1997.

·  O. Maler, L. Staiger, On Syntactic Congruences for Omega-Languages, Theoretical Computer Science 1997.

·  O. Maler, A. Pnueli, On the Learnability of Infinitary Regular Sets, Information and computation 1995 Slides

·  B. Delyon, O. Maler, On the Effects of Noise and Speed on Computations, Theoretical Computer Science 1994.

·  O. Maler, A. Pnueli, On the Cascaded Decomposition of Automata, its Complexity and Application to Logic, unpublished 1988-1994

Biological Applications

·  E. Pourcelot, N. Mobilia, A. Donze, F. Louis, O. Maler, P. Mossuz, E. Fanchon, JM Moulis, Cellular Iron Regulation in Animals: Need and Use of Suitable Models, 2014

·  S. Stoma, A. Donze, F. Bertaux, O. Maler, G. Batt, STL-based analysis of TRAIL-induced apoptosis challenges the notion of type I/type II cell line classification, PLoS Comp. Biology 2013

·  A. Donze, E. Fanchon, L.M. Gattepaille, O. Maler, Ph.Tracqui, Robustness Analysis and Behavior Discrimination in Enzymatic Reaction Networks, PLoS One 2011

·  G. Batt, R. Ben Salah, O. Maler, On Timed Models of Gene Networks, FORMATS 2007 Slides


·  O. Maler, Hybrid Systems and Real-World Computations, unpublished 1992

·  O. Maler, Why should we Develop Artificial Worms and How?, unpublished 1990

PhD Students

·  Thao Dang, Verification and Synthesis of Hybrid Systems (with E. Asarin), October 2000

·  Yasmina Abdeddaïm, Scheduling with Timed Automata (with E. Asarin), November 2002

·  Moez Mahfoudh, On Satisfiability Checking for Difference Logic (with E. Asarin and P. Niebert), May 2003

·  Abdelkarim Kerbaa, Conditional Scheduling Strategies using Timed Automata (with M. Bozga), October 2006

·  Alexandre Donze, Trajectory-Based Verification and Controller Synthesis for Continuous and Hybrid Systems (with T. Dang), June 2007

·  Ramzi Ben Salah, On Timing Analysis of Large Systems (with M. Bozga), October 2007

·  Dejan Nickovic, Checking Timed and Hybrid Properties, October 2008

·  Scott Cotton, On some Problems in Satisfiability Solving, June 2009

·  Colas Le Guernic, Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems with Linear Continuous Dynamics (with A. Girard), October 2009 slides

·  Aldric Degorre, On some Quantitative Aspects of Formal Languages (with E. Asarin), October 2009

·  Julien Legriel, Multi-Criteria Optimization and its Application to Multi-Processor Embedded Systems , October 2011 slides

·  Selma Saidi, Optimizing DMA Data Transfers for Embedded Multi-Cores, October 2012 slides

·  Jean-Francois Kempf, On Computer-Aided Design-Space Exploration for Multi-Cores (with M. Bozga), October 2012 slides

·  Pranav Tendulkar, Mapping and Scheduling on Multi-core Processors using SMT Solvers (with P. Poplavko), October 2014 slides

·  Jan Lanik 2015 (Circuit switching reduction)

·  Irini Mens 2015 (Learning languages over large alphabets)

·  Thomas Ferrere 2016 (Monitoring and measuring for analog and mixed-signal circuits)

·  Abhinav Srivastav 2016 (Multi-criteria optimization)

·  Dogan Ulus 2017 (Monitoring timed regular expressions)

Old Stuff

·  Hybrid Systems Biology (HSB) 2014 Vienna, July 23-24, 2014

·  Paul Caspi: 1944-2012

·  Second Workshop: Toward Systems Biology , Grenoble 30/5-1/6/2011 slides

·  Discrete and Hybrid Methods in Systems Biology, On the Potential Roles of Informatics in Biology (slides, June 2012)

·  Workshop: Frontiers in Analog CAD (FAC) Salt Lake City 2011, Berkeley 2012, Grenoble 2014

·  Fighting the Clock Explosion Slides

·  Workshop: Formal and Informal Methods for Correctness and Performance, Marrakech, May 2nd

·  CAV 2009, Grenoble Proceedings 

·  On some Potential Research Contributions to the Multicore Enterprise (slides)

·  Workshop: Formal Verification of Analog circuits Edinburgh 2005, Proceedings, Princeton 2008, Grenoble 2009

·  Workshop: Toward Systems Biology, Grenoble 8-10/10/2007.

·  Between Control and Software: Workshop in the honor of Paul Caspi, Grenoble 28/9/2007

·  Workshop: Topics in Computation and Control , Santa Barbara 27-28/3/2006

·  The workshop Hybrid Sytems: Computation and Control (HSCC03) Prague, April 2003. Some copies of the proceedings are available at an attractive price here.

·  Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Timed Systems (Grenoble 2002). 

· EU projects: PROSYD property-based system design 2007, CC control and computation 2005, AMETIST advanced methods for timed systems 2005, VHSverification of hybrid systems 2001 

·  HART'97 Workshop (a workshop on hybrid systems, Grenoble)