Toward Systems Biology

8-10 October 2007

Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble - France


Recent advances in experimental techniques for molecular cell biology have provided a wealth of information concerning numerous low-level mechanisms that participate in the life of a cell. It is, however, commoly recognized that in order to make use of this information and build models having predictive power for more complex systems, biological models should be elevated from the verbal and quasi-formal levels of description in which they are formulated today, and become closer to the standards of "harder" scientific and engineering disciplines. Of course, such an upgrading of modeling standards should involve conceptual innovations to deal with the specifics of biological systems in terms of complexity and experimental limitations.

The goal of the workshop it to bring together potential participants in this systems biology endeavor, that is system-aware biologists together with researchers in domains that may provide a source of inspiration to this evolving field, most notably engineering discplines like computer science, electronics and control as well as physics and applied mathematics.

Among the topics that will be discussed in the workshop we mention:

Confirmed speakers

Program [New: slides]

Poster session

We invite you to submit abstracts for possible presentation during the poster session.
Abstracts (no longer than one page) should be send to gregory.batt-at-imag-dot-fr before Sept, 16th. Note that space for poster is limited.

Program committee

Registration and accomodations

To register visit the registration page. For other inquiries contact
The workshop will take place at Maison Jean Kuntzmann on the Grenoble University campus (see here for location and directions)
A list of hotels in grenoble is given hereThere is also a link to an official reservation web site on the registration page.

Financial Support 

Supported in part by Verimag, INRIA, CNRS, the GDR "Bioinformatique Moléculaire" , the Complex Systems Institute, the Joseph Fourier University, and the French-Israeli collaboration project "Computational Modeling of Incomplete Biological Regulatory Networks" between UJF and Weizmann Institute

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Local organization

by Oded Maler, Colas LeGuernic (Verimag) and Gregory Batt (INRIA), Florence Merchie (Floralis).

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