Journée thématique Verimag : Many-core Kalray MPPA, implementation et verification

Invited Speakers from Onera, Kalray, INRIA, Verimag

  • Nicolas Tollenaere, INRIA: "KaNN (Kalray Neural Network)"
  • Cyril Six, Verimag/Kalray "Certified and modular postpass-scheduling for VLIW processors in Compcert"
  • Dumitru Potop, INRIA "Implementation of parallel real-time application on MPPA",
  • Guillaume Iooss, INRIA, "Front End for the implementation of industrial applications",
  • Pedro Penna, LIG: "The Hardware Abstraction Layer of Nanvix for the MPPA-256 Lightweight Manycore Processor"
  • Claire Pagetti, Onera "Predictable implementation of avionics applications on MPPA",
  • Matheus Schuh, Verimag/Kalray "Implementation of Real-time data-flow Synchronous Programs on MPPA"
  • Benoit Dinechin, Kalray "Parrallel processing with the MPPA manycore"
  • Panel Discussion "Many-core Kalray MPPA: implementation and verification"

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