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Karine Altisen

 Subjects for Master Internship


 Research Activities

Fault tolerant distributed algorithms AND Formal Methods

  • design and (pen-and-paper) proof of self-stabilizing algorithms,
  • formal proof : proof assistant and model-checking,
  • simulation and testing.
Design of Self-Stabilizing Distributed Algorithms
Validation of Self-Stabilizing Distributed Algorithms
  • ANR ESTATE Project : Enhancing Safety and self-sTAbilization in Time-varying distributed Environments.
Distributed Approach for Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Probabilistic Methods for Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Random Walks endowed with Tabu Lists


Verimag, Bâtiment IMAG, Université Grenoble Alpes, 150, place du torrent, 38401 Saint Martin d’Hères. FRANCE.
tel : +33 4 57 42 22 23

Maître de conférences / associate professor
Teaching at Grenoble INP, Ensimag.
Research at VERIMAG laboratory, teams Shared Resources and Formal Proofs.

Main Administrative Duties
  • Vice-Head of Studies at Ensimag, member of the executive team of the school


Isaline Lepère.


Former Research Topics
Past Projects
  • ARESA 2 Project : "Connect to the IP world dynamic wireless sensor networks in a secure and energy efficient way"
  • Terra : Proving efficiency results on probabilistic routing protocols dedicated to large-scale Wireless Sensors Networks.
  • HELP Project : High Level Models for Low Power Systems
  • FoToVP : Formal Tools for the Virtual Prototyping of Embedded Systems
  • Cortos : Control and Observation of Real-Time Open Systems. Studies the relations between controller synthesis, observability and fault detection in timed systems.
  • Control-A : relations between reactive system programming (their control), and aspect programming.
  • PhD thesis (12/2001) at Verimag Lab, advisor J. Sifakis, on controller synthesis of timed automata applied to real time scheduling.
  • Postdoctoral position (from 12/2001 to 08/2002) at INRIA Rhônes Alpes, in the popart team on modeling of multi-task control-command systems and automatic generation of controllers.
  • Assistant professor at Ensimag and Verimag (since 09/2002).

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