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j-POST -- Property Oriented Software Testing


The latest news about the j-POST tool chain

  • May, 9, 2008: j-POST is now available as a unique integrated graphic tool.
  • Apr, 8, 2008: The GUI of j-POST is now available.
  • Jan 17, 2008: The paper "j-POST: a Java Toolchain for Property-Oriented Software Testing" by Y. Falcone, L. Mounier, J-C. Fernandez, J-L. Richier has been accepted to MBT 2008
  • Nov 19, 2007:
    • TestGenerator 0.3 released
    • Update of [TR-2007-4]
  • Nov 9, 2007: TestEngine 0.2.1 released
  • Nov 9, 2007: Update of [TR-2007-7]
  • Nov 2, 2007: TestGenerator 0.2, TestEngine 0.2 released
  • Oct 1, 2007: TestDesigner 0.1, TestGenerator 0.1, TestEngine 0.1 released


j-POST is an integrated tool chain for property-oriented software testing. This tool chain includes a test generator and a test execution engine. The test generation is based on an original approach which consists in deriving a set of communicating test processes obtained both from a requirement formula (expressed in a trace-based logic) and a behavioral specification of some specific parts of the software under test. The test execution engine is then able to coordinate the execution of these test processes against a distributed Java program. A typical application of j-POST is to check the correct deployment of security policies.

j-POST overview


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Persons involved

  • Yliès Falcone (Vérimag)
  • Laurent Mounier (Vérimag)
  • Jean-Claude Fernandez (Vérimag)
  • Jean-Luc Richier (LIG)
  • Ahmed Marzouk (Vérimag)