BDDC is a basic logical calculator. Distribution (binaries) User manual Printable (pdf)


Reglo compile regular expressions into logical circuits (in Lustre). Distribution (binaries) User manual Printable (pdf)


Yacc2latex generates human-readable EBNF grammars from yacc files. Output format is in Latex and fairly customizable. Distribution yacc2latex is available under LGLP licence Dowload How to install Short Manual Goal As a language designer, I often faced the problem of writing and maintaining a reference (readable) grammar of my language. This is particularly annoying since the reference grammar actually exists as a yacc (or ocamlyacc) file, so why not use a “compiler” that will derived automaticaly the reference grammar from the yacc file ?


 tagada – Task dAg GenerAtor Doubtful Acronym This tool generates random task graphs (precisely, Direct Acyclic Graphs, DAG). The Typical usage is to provide test cases for mapping and scheduling algorithms. Installation The distribution is avalaible on Gricad-Gitlab. From sources Compiling requires an opam based OCaml environment. Recommanded opam version: 2.1. Recommanded OCaml switch (version) >= 4.14 Mandatory packages: dune >= 3.0 yaml >= 3.0 Binary A Linux-x86_64 binary is provided in the distribution.

The Synchrone Reactive Toolbox

This Toolbox gathers currently maiontainde tool around Lustre and the synchronous approach, in particular the The Lustre V6 compler and the Lutin/Lurette testing tool. It is available on the Verimag website.