Lustre Syntax Highlight

VIM Copy this lus.vim file in your .vim/syntax folder: lus.vim To auto-load the syntax file, you can add these line to your .vimrc file: syntax enable augroup filetypedetect au BufWinEnter,BufRead,BufNewFile *.lus,*.ec set filetype=lus augroup END EMACS A syntax file by Olivier Chevallier, patched by Nicolas Berthier, is available: lustre.el GEDIT There’s a Gtksourceview by Arxwel on github: github.com/Arxwel/LustreLang/blob/master/lustre.lang Here is a local copy of lustre.lang You can install this file locally (no root privilege needed):

How to upload a nxtOSEK program

Intro For an appli “MyAppli”, nxtOSEK builds 3 different binaries: MyAppli_ram.bin, is uploaded in RAM, on bricks without firmware: program is lost when the brick is switched off useful for quick tests on Linux, can be uploaded with fwexec (from libnxt-0.3) no tools (simply) available on Windows MyAppli_rom.bin, is uploaded in ROM, on bricks running a minimal firmware provided by nxtOSEK: * the minimal firmware can load a single program * on Windows, can be uploaded with appflash.