title = { {Pinapa}: An Extraction Tool for {SystemC} descriptions of Systems-on-a-Chip },
    author = {Moy, Matthieu and Maraninchi, Florence and Maillet-Contoz, Laurent},
    month = {September},
    year = {2005},
    booktitle = {EMSOFT},
    pages = {317--324},
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    code = {},
    abstract = {{SystemC} is becoming a de-facto standard for the description of complex systems-on-a-chip. It enables system-level descriptions of SoCs: the same language is used for the description of the architecture, software and hardware parts. A tool like pinapa is compulsory to work on realistic SoCs designs for anything else than simulation: it is able to extract both architecture and behavior information from {SystemC} code, with very few limitations. pinapa can be used as a front-end for various analysis tools, ranging from ``superlint\'\' to model-checking. It is open source and available from There exists no equivalent tool for {SystemC} up to now. },


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