ANR SETIN, 2007-2010


The goal of this project is to improve the state of the art of analog and mixed signal design by investigating simulation-based analysis methods which can guarantee some level of confidence in the results.


The project intends to build an experimental platform for validating the correctness of analog and mixed-signal circuits, a component of increasing importance for the functioning of modern embedded system. The platform will combine two technologies currently being developed by the partners: an effcient and physically-accurate simulator for large analog and mixed-signal circuits and the methods for covering the state space of such circuits by choosing appropriate input signals. The results of this project will offer the following scientific and technical benefits.

  • The methods for high confidence validation of analog and mixed signal circuits developped in this project will improve the design process, both in terms of reliability and cost. These methods can also be used to validate in various embedded systems which can be modelled by hybrid systems, such as airplane and car control systems.
  • The theoretical foundations developped in the project will contribute to advance the state of the art of the two domains: formal verification of continuous and hybrid systems and numerical analysis of non-smooth dynamical systems.


 VERIMAG People involved

  • Thao Dang
  • Goran Frehse
View online : VAL-AMS Project Page