Technical Reports

Ylies Falcone, Laurent Mounier, Jean-Claude Fernandez, Jean-Luc Richier
j-POST: a Java Tool Chain for Property-Oriented Software Testing (2008)


Keywords: test, test generation, test execution, Java, property, RMI

Abstract: j-POST is an integrated tool chain for property-oriented software testing. This tool chain includes, a test designer, a test generator, and a test execution engine. The test generation is based on an original approach which consists in deriving a set of {\em communicating test processes/} obtained both from a requirement formula (expressed in a trace-based logic) and a behavioral specification of some specific parts of the software under test. The test execution engine is then able to coordinate the execution of these test processes against a distributed Java program. A typical application of j-POST is to check the correct deployment of security policies.

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