Technical Reports

Florence Maraninchi, Catherine Parent-Vigouroux, Karel Heurtefeux, Pascal Raymond
A Generic Structure for Modeling Time and Energy Consumption in Abstract Virtual Prototypes of Embedded Systems (2011)


Keywords: virtual prototyping, simulation, formal models, embedded software, energy consumption, sensor networks

Abstract: A virtual prototype is an executable model of the hardware platform on which the software can be developed. This allows an early evaluation of the functional correctness and performances of the whole system. Among virtual prototypes, emulators, or cycle-accurate hardware models, are close to the real hardware; their design requires a significant amount of work. There is a need for higher-level models. We propose a generic structure for the modeling of time and energy consumption at abstract levels, for sensor networks. We use an existing MAC protocol to show that our model is far simpler than cycle-accurate emulators, yet retaining the essential aspects of time and energy consumption.

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