Technical Reports

Kevin Marquet and Matthieu Moy
PinaVM: a SystemC Front-End Based on an Executable Intermediate Representation (2010)


Keywords: SystemC, front-end, LLVM, parser

Abstract: SystemC is the de facto standard for modeling embedded systems. It allows system design at various levels of abstractions, provides typical object-orientation features and incorporates timing and concurrency concepts. A SystemC program is typically processed by a SystemC front-end in order to verify, debug and/or optimize the architecture. Designing a SystemC front-end is a difficult task and existing approaches suffer from limitations. In this paper, we present a new approach that addresses most of these limitations. We detail this approach, based on an executable intermediate representation. We introduce PinaVM, a new, open-source SystemC front-end and implementation of our contributions. We give experimental results on this tool.

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