Technical Reports

V.Sfyrla, G.Tsiligiannis, I.Safaka, M.Bozga, J.Sifakis
Compositional Translation of Simulink Models into Synchronous BIP (2010)


Keywords: Synchronous BIP,Simulink

Abstract: We present a method for the translation of a discrete-time fragment of Simulink into the synchronous subset of the BIP language. The translation is fully compositional, that is, it preserves completely the original structure and reveals the minimal control coordination structure needed to perform the correct computation within Simulink models. Additionally, this translation can be seen as providing an alternative operational semantics of Simulink models using BIP. The advantages are twofold. It allows for integration of Simulink models within heterogeneous BIP designs. It enables the use of validation and automatic implementation techniques already available for BIP on Simulink models. The translation is currently implemented in the Simulink2BIP tool. We report several experiments, in particular, we show that the executable code generated from BIP models has comparable runtime performances as the code produced by the Real-Time Workshop on several MATLAB models.

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