Technical Reports

M. Bozga, P. Habermehl, R. Iosif, F. Konecny, and T. Vojnar
Automatic Verification of Integer Array Programs (2009)


Keywords: program verification, counter automata, array programs

Abstract: We provide a verification technique for a class of programs working on emph{integer arrays} of finite,but not a priori bounded length. We use the logic of integer arrays extbf{SIL} cite{lpar08} to specify pre- and post-conditions of programs and their parts. Effects of non-looping parts of code are computed syntactically on the level of extbf{SIL}. Loop pre-conditions derived during the computation in extbf{SIL} are converted into counter automata (CA). Loops are automatically translated---purely on the syntactical level---to transducers. Pre-condition CA and transducers are composed, and the composition over-approximated by flat automata with difference bound constraints, which are next converted back into extbf{SIL} formulae, thus inferring post-conditions of the loops. Finally, validity of post-conditions specified by the user in extbf{SIL} may be checked as entailment is decidable for extbf{SIL}.

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