Technical Reports

42: Programmable Models of Computation for the Component-Based Virtual Prototyping of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems (2009)


Keywords: Heterogeneous embedded systems, component-based design, system-level modelling , semantics, models-of-computation, contracts

Abstract: Every notion of a component for the development of embedded systems has to take heterogeneity into account: components may be hardware or software or OS, synchronous or asynchronous, deterministic or not, detailed w.r.t. time or not, detailed w.r.t. data or not, etc. A lot of approaches, following Ptolemy, propose to define several ``Models of Computation and Communication'' (MoCCs) to deal with heterogeneity, and a framework in which they can be combined hierarchically. This paper presents the very first design of a component model for heterogeneous embedded systems called 42. We aim at expressing fine-grain logical timing aspects and several types of concurrency as MoCCs, but we require that all the MoCCs be described in terms of more basic primitives, as small programs. 42 also enforces precise specifications of components, in the form of control contracts. 42 is meant to be an abstract description level, appropriate for the system-level description of embedded systems, not for the development of the embedded software itself. 42 is meant to be connected to existing validation tools (formal validation, automatic testing, etc.).

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