Technical Reports

Iman Narasamdya, Michael Perin
Certification of Smart-Card Applications in Common Criteria: Proving Representation Correspondences (2008)


Keywords: Software Certification, Common Criteria, Program Invariants, Inter-Program Properties

Abstract: We present a method for proving representation correspondences in the Common Criteria (CC) certification of smart-card applications. For security policy enforcement, the CC defines a chain of requirements: a security policy model (SPM), a functional specification (FSP), and a target-of-evaluation design (TDS). In our approach to the CC certification, these requirements are models of applications that can have different representations. A representation correspondence (RCR) describes a correlation between the representations of two adjacent requirements. One task in the CC certification is to demonstrate formal proofs of RCRs. We first develop a modelling framework by which the representations of SPM, FSP and TDS can be described uniformly as models of an application. We then define RCRs as mutual simulations between two application models over sets of observable events and variables. We describe a proof technique for proving RCRs and providing certificates about them based on assertions relating two models at specific locations. We show how RCRs can help us prove property preservation from the SPM to the FSP and the TDS.

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