FP5 IST-2001-38117, 2002-2004

The objective of the project is to provide support for the development of embedded reactive software, in particular for cars, by developing :

— Concepts and methods for the developments of such embedded reactive software
— An integrated toolset supporting the concepts and the method, covering the analysis, design and development phases of such embedded reactive software.

RISE is based on synchronous techniques both for the applications and for the middleware. Dependable real time systems are at the heart of airplanes and cars. Europe has shown a high ability to develop such systems both in the avionics and automotive industry. In order to keep the technological leadership in this important field of advanced distributed and embedded systems in Europe, it is necessary to remain proactive and to develop the next generation of real time systems, combining dependability constraints similar to avionics, with low costs mandated by the car industry.

Verimag Objectives

Implementation of the Lustre-Scade approach on top of TTA.

Synchronous Team members involved

— Paul Caspi
— Florence Maraninchi
— Adrian Curic
— Norman Scaife
— Aude Maignan

Other Verimag members involved

— Stavros Tripakis
— Christos Sofronis