European IST, FP7, ARTEMIS JU, 2010-2013


ACROSS is a research project that aims to develop and implement an ARTEMIS cross-domain reference architecture for embedded systems based on the architecture blueprint developed in the European FP7 project GENESYS



The ACROSS project aims at achieving the following objectives :

  • an ACROSS-MPSoC that implements generic core services (e.g., deterministic communication, global time, diagnosis, fault and error containment) in an FPGA-based hardware for multiprocessor systems-on-a-chip (MPSoC) design and implementation of generic optional services to be used in multiple application domains
  • a general model-based design methodology, supported by appropriate adaptable tools, for the implementation and verification of ACROSS-based applications taking into account existing domain-specific models/tools
  • design and implementation of domain-specific optional services for the realization of embedded applications in the following domains : automotive, aerospace and industrial
  • design and implementation of selected sample applications from the cited domains, which will show the benefits of using the ACROSS approach.




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