Introductory Course on Logic and Automata Theory

Description This course is intended as an introduction to elementary decision techniques for various logic using automata theory. The focus will be on the connection between various logics and types of automata.


In addition to the standard material, there will be two invited lecturers who will develop the following related topics:
Prerequisites The students taking this course are expected to be familiar with basic set theoretic notions (relations, functions, orders, etc) as well as with boolean and predicate logic (e.g. understand the meaning of boolean connectors and first-order quantifiers). Students who do not have these notions must contact the instructor.

A course syllabus can be found here  (postscript).

Lecture notes are available here (postscript).

IMPORTANT: All lectures will be held in english.

Slides for the lectures are available here (PDF):

For additional questions please contact the instructor: radu_._iosif_@_imag_._fr (please remove the _'s)