title = { {E}fficient {E}ncoding of {S}ystem{C}/{TLM} in {P}romela },
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    abstract = {{T}o deal with the ever growing complexity of {S}ystems-on-{C}hip, designers use models early in the design flow. {S}ystem{C} is a commonly used tool to write such models. {I}n order to verify these models, one thriving approach is to encode its semantics into a formal language, and then to verify it with verification tools. {V}arious encodings of {S}ystem{C} into formal languages have already been proposed, with different performance implications. {I}n this paper, we investigate a new, automatic, asynchronous means to formalize models. {O}ur encoding supports the subset of the concurrency and communication constructs offered by {S}ystem{C} used for high-level modeling. {W}e increase the confidence in the fact that encoded programs have the same semantics as the original one by model-checking a set of properties. {W}e give experimental results on our formalization and compare with previous works.},


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