title = { A Real-time profile for {UML} and how to adapt it to {SDL} },
    author = {Graf, Susanne and Ober, Ileana},
    month = {jul},
    year = {2003},
    booktitle = {SDL 2003: System Design, 11th International SDL Forum, Stuttgart, Germany, July 1-4, 2003. Proceedings},
    number = {2708},
    series = {LNCS},
    volume = {2708},
    team = {DCS},
    abstract = {This paper presents work of the IST project OMEGA, where we have defined a UML profile for real-time compatible with the <i>Profile for Performance, Scheduling and Real-time</i> accepted recently at OMG. In contrast to this OMG profile, we put emphasis on semantics and on its use in the context of timed analysis of real-time embedded systems. The defined profile is compatible with the time concepts existing in SDL, and we show how we can adapt also those notations to SDL and MSC which do not yet exist in these ITU languages. We analyze also the possibilities of validation of systems using the profile which is used as guide for the definition of subsets allowing different validation approaches. },


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