title = { Automated validation of distributed software using the {IF} environment },
    author = {Bozga, Marius and Graf, Susanne and Mounier, Laurent},
    month = {jul},
    year = {2001},
    booktitle = {Workshop on Software Model-checking, associated with CAV 2001, Paris},
    annote = {},
    publisher = {Elsevier Science Publishers},
    series = {Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science},
    volume = {55},
    team = {DCS,PACSS},
    issue = {3},
    abstract = {This paper summarizes our experience with IF, an open validation environment for distributed software systems. Indeed, face to the increasing complexity of such systems, none of the existing tools can cover by itself the whole validation process. The IF environment was built upon an expressive intermediate language and allows to connect several validation tools, providing most of the advanced techniques currently available. The results obtained on several large case-studies, including telecommunication protocols and embedded software systems, confirm the practical interest of this approach.},


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