title = { Toward a context-driven deployment optimization for embedded systems: a product line approach },
    author = {Baouya, Abdelhakim and Ait Mohamed, Otmane and Ouchani, Samir},
    month = {Aug},
    year = {2022},
    journal = {The Journal of Supercomputing},
    team = {RSD},
    day = {08},
    abstract = {Producing a large family of resource-constrained multi-processing systems on chips (MPSoC) is challenging, and the existing techniques are generally geared toward a single product. When they are leveraged for a variety of products, they are expensive and complex. Further in the industry, a considerable lack of analysis support at the architectural level induces a strong dependency on the experiences and preferences of the designer. This paper proposes a formal foundation and analysis of MPSoC product lines based on a featured transition system (FTS) to express the variety of products. First, features diagrams are selected to model MPSoC product lines, which facilitate capturing its semantics as FTS. To this end, the probabilistic model checker verifies the resulting FTS that is decorated with tasks characteristics and processors' failure probability. The experimental results indicate that the formal approach offers quantitative results on the relevant product that optimizes resource usage when exploring the product family.},


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