Technical Reports

Claire Maiza, Hamza Rihani, Juan M. Rivas, Joël Goossens, Sebastian Altmeyer, Robert I. Davis
A Survey of Timing Verification Techniques for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems (2018)


Keywords: real-time systems, architecture, multi-core, timing analysis, schedulability analysis, WCET, co-runner interference

Abstract: This survey provides an overview of the scientific literature on timing verification techniques for multi-core real-time systems. It reviews the key results in the field from its origins around 2006 to the latest research published up to the end of 2018. The survey highlights the key issues involved in providing guarantees of timing correctness for multi-core systems. A detailed review is provided covering four main categories: full integration, temporal isolation, integrating interference effects into schedulability analysis, and mapping and allocation. The survey concludes with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these different approaches, identifying open issues, key challenges, and possible directions for future research.

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