Technical Reports

Rim El Ballouli, Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga, Joseph Sifakis
DR-BIP - Programming Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems (2018)


Keywords: architectural motifs, components, operational semantics, BIP

Abstract: The paper introduces DR-BIP, a formal framework for programming dynamic reconfigurable systems. DR-BIP relies on architectural motifs to structure the architecture of a system and to coordinate its reconfiguration at runtime. An architectural motif defines a set of interacting components that evolve according to reconfiguration rules. With DR-BIP, the dynamism can be captured as the interplay of dynamic changes in three independent directions 1) the organization of interactions between instances of components in a given configuration; 2) the reconfiguration mechanisms allowing creation/deletion of components and management of their interaction according to a given architectural motif; 3) the migration of components between predefined architectural motifs which characterizes dynamic execution environments. The paper lays down the formal foundation of DR-BIP, illustrates its expressiveness on several examples and discusses avenues for dynamic reconfigurable system design.

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