Technical Reports

Braham Lotfi Mediouni, Iulia Dragomir, Ayoub Nouri and Saddek Bensalem
Quantitative Risk Assessment in the Design of Resilient Systems (2018)


Keywords: Model-based system design, FDIR, Risk assessment, Statistical model-checking, Real-time systems, SBIP framework, Robotics case study

Abstract: Deploying fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) subsystems is an accepted solution to address the occurrence of faults and failures in safety-critical (real-time) systems. Yet, these FDIR subsystems should be devised only for those faults that falsify the system requirements. As a consequence, the obtained system is minimal, although complete, and robust both with respect to safety and performance requirements. In this paper we propose a two-fold systematic and mechanized approach based on formal methods combining (1) the evaluation of faults relevance based on quantitative risk assessment, and (2) the validation of system robustness by statistical model checking. We apply this approach on an excerpt of a real-life autonomous robotics case study, and we report on the implementation and results obtained with the SBIP framework.

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