Technical Reports

Ayoub nouri, braham lotfi mediouni, Marius Bozga, Axel Legay, and Saddek Bensalem.
Performance Evaluation of Stochastic Real-Time Systems with the SBIP Framework (2017)


Keywords: BIP Framework, Stochastic real-time BIP, Statistical Model Checking, LTL

Abstract: The SBIP framework consists of a stochastic real-time component-based mod- elling formalism and a statistical model checking engine. The former is built as a stochastic extension of the real-time BIP formalism and enables the construc- tion of stochastic real-time systems in a compositional way. The statistical engine implements a set of statistical algorithms for the quantitative and qualitative assess- ment of probabilistic properties. The paper provides a thorough introduction to the SBIP formalism and the associated verification method. In a second part, it surveys several case studies about modelling and verification of real-life systems, including various network protocols and multimedia applications.

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