Technical Reports

Goran Frehse, Nikolaos Kekatos, Dejan Nickovic
Formally Correct Monitors for Hybrid Automata (2017)


Keywords: Hybrid automata, first-order temporal logic, parallel composition, pattern templates

Abstract: The paper Pattern Templates and Monitors for Verifying Safety Properties of Hybrid Automata aims to facilitate the integration of formal verification techniques into model-based design. It considers specifications expressed in pattern templates, which are predefined properties with placeholders for state predicates. Pattern templates are close to the natural language and can be easily understood by both expert and non-expert users. In this report, we give formal definitions for selected patterns in the formalism of hybrid automata and provide monitors which encode the properties as the reachability of an error state. By composing these monitors with the formal model under study, the property can be checked by off-the-shelf fully automated verification tools.

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