Technical Reports

Jannik Dreier, Cristian Ene, Pascal Lafourcade, Yassine Lakhnech
On Unique Decomposition of Processes in the Applied Pi Calculus (2012)


Keywords: Applied Pi Calculus, Unique Decomposition, Factorization, Prime Process, Weak Labeled Bisimilarity, Strong Labeled Bisimilarity, Cancellation

Abstract: Unique decomposition has been a subject of interest in process algebra for a long time (for example in BPP or CCS), as it provides a normal form with useful cancellation properties. We provide two parallel decomposition results for subsets of the Applied Pi-Calculus: We show that a closed finite process P can be decomposed uniquely into prime factors P_i with respect to weak labeled bisimilarity, i.e. such that P = P_1 | ... | P_n. We also prove that closed normed processes (i.e. processes with a finite shortest trace) can be decomposed uniquely with respect to strong labeled bisimilarity.

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