Technical Reports

Tesnim Abdellatif Jacques Combaz Marc Poulhiès
Open Real-time Systems: From Modeling to Implementation (2011)


Keywords: real-time open systems components implementation logical execution time timed automata

Abstract: Correct and efficient implementation of open real-time systems is still a costly and error-prone process. An open real-time system interacts with its execution environment while meeting timing constraints. Rigorous design methodologies for these systems should be based on models able to express the interactions with environment and the timing constraints they satisfy. We present a general model-based implementation method of open real-time systems based on the use of two models: (i) an abstract model representing the interactions between the environment and the application and its timing behavior without considering any execution platform (based on an abstract notion of time); (ii) a physical model representing the behavior of the abstract model running on a given platform, that is, it takes into account execution times. We define an Execution Engine that performs the online computation of schedules for a given application so as to meet its timing constraints. Furthermore, it can detect time-safety violations and stop the execution if the execution times are not compatible with the timing constraints of the model. We implemented the Execution Engine for BIP programs and validated our method for a module of an autonomous rover---Antenna of the Dala robot.

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