Technical Reports

Olivier Constant, Wei Monin, Susanne Graf
From Complex UML Models to Systematic Performance Simulation (2007)


Keywords: Model-Driven Engineering, Model transformation, UML, Semantics, Simulation, Performance analysis

Abstract: The creation and deployment of a service by a telecommunication operator is a complex activity where functional correctness and performance issues are equally critical. We thus promote a methodology that associates rigorous system definition and performance analysis throughout the entire design process, based on the guaranteed availability of analysis models. In this paper, we report how we applied a Model-Driven Engineering approach to build a tool that supports the methodology. The tool provides automatic and systematic transformations of UML 2 design models of a high degree of complexity to performance models for an commercial simulator. We stress in particular how attempting to build a reliable MDE process required careful design decisions and a thorough preliminary study of syntactic and semantic concerns.

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