SafeAir II

IST, 2002-2004

SafeAir II is aimed at fostering the future adoption of the ASDE methodology in actual full-scale industrial applications in:
— Defining the adaptation process of industrial ASDE exploitation.
— Connecting ASDE to industry-standard requirements traceability tools.
— Generating test automatically.
— Modifying/Qualifying the process step by step (from the classical "V" cycle to the Enhanced "Y" Cycle) and controlling the result with the preceding step.

Verimag Objectives

Verimag will develop a new technology prototype tool for automatic functional testing of synchronous programs, and will assist other partners in using this tool. The generation of the test sequence can be done together with the test itself, and the diagnostic (which detects whether the test "passes" or not). Then the detailed diagnostic should be performed using a debugger leading to important cost savings in the validation stages by the users making ASDE even more attractive for a wider range of users.


The Lurette prototype has been reimplemented. It has been used by Hispano-Suiza and Renault. Lurette helped Hispano-Suiza in finding several bugs. Some of them were found in code certified by the validation team.

Synchronous Team members involved

— Erwan Jahier
— Nicolas Halbwachs
— Pascal Raymond
— Yvan Roux