Muriel Jourdan

supervisor: F. Maraninchi - PhD 1991-1994

A multiparadigm langage and multi-tools environment for programming and verifying reactive systems.

This thesis deals with the programming and verification of reactive systems. In a first part, we define a multi-paradigm language called ArgoLus. ArgoLus is based on Argos and Lustre, two synchronous languages. In order to describe reactive systems, Argos uses a modular state/transition approach, while Lustre uses data-flow constructs. In the ArgoLus language these two styles are mixed. The idea is to allow the description of elementary objects in each of the two styles, and their combination with both constructs. In a second part, we define the Argos semantics in terms of timed graphs. The initial semantics of Argos is expressed in terms of labeled transition systems. The drawback of this model is the well-known phenomenon of state explosion which occurs when large counters of event occurrences are used in the program. This state explosion reduces the formal verification possibilities. The advantage of timed graphs, which are automata extended with time counters, is that their size is independent of the delay values of the counters used in the program. Consequently, this model is less sensitive to the state explosion problem, so the possibilities of formal verification are improved. Moreover, it is possible with this kind of model to express quantitative real-time properties. Finally, we study the possibility of using a large class of formal verification tools not exactly designed for reactive systems.

Committee (September 29th, 1994):

— Jacques Voiron, UJF, President
— Gérard Berry, Ecole des Mines/CMA, Reviewer
— Michel Sintzoff, U. Louvain, -Reviewer
— André Arnold, Pr. U. Bordeaux
— Florence Maraninchi, UJF, supervisor
— Daniel Pilaud, Verilog



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