Language Embedding

Generating BIP Models from Other Languages

Language embedding concerns the use of BIP as an unifying semantic model for structural representation of such different programming models or domain specific languages. We have developed a general method for generating BIP models from languages with well-defined operational semantics.


The paper [3]. presents a general methodology and an associated tool for the structural translation of AADL specifications into BIP. In this work, we define precise operational models for all AADL components in terms of BIP components. Moreover, we clearly define the AADL communication mechanisms using various types of ports in terms of BIP interaction models. This precise mapping enables simulation of systems specified in AADL as well as their analysis using formal verification techniques developed for BIP, e.g. deadlock detection.

[3Y. Chkouri, A. Robert, M. Bozga and J. Sifakis Translating AADL into BIP - Application to the Verification of Real-Time Systems In Model-Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems ACES MB’08 Workshop Proceedings

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