Full MDE

ESA Contract, 2010-2011


The aim of the ASSERT project - was dealing with non functional requirements, from system requirement capture to automatic code generation. However, some partners dedicated their work on functional requirements (without reaching the same level of maturity). The result of this work was the definition of an extension of the ASSERT project, supported by advanced technologies, such as UML Omega profile, AADL, gateway from ADDL to SCADE, ASN.1, SCADE and formal proof.

The objective of the “Full Model Driven Development for On-Board Software” is to complete the ASSERT project by this functional approach.

In order to reach this objective, we have selected the partners of the ASSERT project which have been the more active on this topic, in order to build the consortium the best adapted to this subject.

— EADS Astrium SAS, Business Unit Space Transportation, leader of space launchers and orbital infrastructure in Europe has defined the so-called “extended” ASSERT process covering the functional aspects. Astrium ST will lead this project in order to insure a complete consistency with the “core” ASSERT process in the same spirit of using the most advanced technologies. It will first analyse the ASSERT process in order to define its needed extensions and will then applied this new process on a representative case study. EADS Astrium SAS, Business Unit Satellites, leader of the MPC (“Multiple Platforms and Cooperation”) pilot project, will support this work by bringing its knowledge of the satellite domain.

— VERIMAG has developed in ASSERT (among others) the OMEGA profile (see OMEGA project -), allowing the capture of functional system requirements. Verimag will bring to the project its international recognised skill on this domain.

— The developer of the Omega profile in the ASSERT project having moved to IRIT, this research institute has also been selected in order to perform the adaptation of the Omega profile to the SysML modelling language. Relying on this technology, IRIT will also explore the problematic of the formal refinement from system to software (this domain being known as very difficult).

— Esterel Technologies has provided to the ASSERT process a model transformation technology (AADL to SCADE gateway) allowing an easy and efficient way to automate the refinement from system to software. In this project, the first objective of Esterel Technologies will be the adaptation of this gateway to SysML and its improvement. The second objective of Esterel Technologies will be an SPARK Ada code generator from SCADE.

— Finally, Praxis High Integrity Systems bring their skills in SPARK.


 people at Verimag involved