Détails sur le séminaire

Amphithéâtre de la Maison Jean Kuntzmann
17 décembre 2020 - 13h00
Versatility and Efficiency in Self-Stabilizing Distributed Systems (HDR)
par Stéphane Devismes de UGA/VERIMAG

Abstract: In this defense, I will summarize the research activities I have led over the last seventeen years. My research focuses on self-stabilization and its variants. Self-stabilization is a general property enabling a distributed system to tolerate transient faults. In most of my works on self-stabilization I have tried to conciliate two a priori orthogonal issues: efficiency and versatility.
First, as commonly done in the algorithmic area, I aim at providing (self-)stabilizing solutions that are efficient in both time and space, but also in terms of fault tolerance or problem-related properties. This not only consists in designing efficient algorithms, but also defining how to sharply evaluate efficiency, e.g., by proposing new complexity measures suited to the studied problem (or class of problems), or new stabilizing properties that more precisely capture the guarantees offered by a given algorithm.

Then, versatility is also an important aspect of my research. Classically, as an algorithmic designer, I try to propose algorithms requiring as less assumptions as possible. Moreover, by proposing parametric solutions and other general schemes, my work deals more with classes of problems than particular problems. The term versatility also includes the search of general lower bounds and necessary conditions.

Finally, I have also worked on methods allowing to unify efficiency and versatility in self-stabilization in order to obtain powerful and broad-spectrum fault-tolerant distributed solutions.

Ouvert au public, mais capacité limitée à 45 personnes
- Professeur Toshimitsu Masuzawa, Osaka University (rapporteur)
- Professeur Achour Mostéfaoui, Université de Nantes (rapporteur)
- Professeur Christian Scheideler, Universität Paderborn (rapporteur)
- Professeur Carole Delporte-Gallet, Université Denis Diderot Paris 7 (examinatrice)
- Professeur Jean-François Monin, Université Grenoble Alpes (examinateur)
- Professeur Michel Raynal, Université Rennes 1 (examinateur)
- Professeur Denis Trystram, Grenoble INP (président)

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