Détails sur le séminaire

Salle Séminaire (rez-de-chaussée Bât IMAG)
4 octobre 2018 - 15h30
[Technical Seminar] A gentle introduction to Gitlab-CI and docker
par Erwan Jahier de verimag

Abstract: The first edition of the "Verimag Technical Seminars" (we plan to organize around 4 such seminars per year) deals with gitlab-CI and docker.

The objective is to rough out the subject, and explain why (and how) those tools can help with
- the development and the maintenance of research prototypes
- install/try new software without polluting its .bashrc
- distribute software
- let one reproduce an experiment (reproducible research)
- provide working/uniform tool environment to students
- review students code to assess practical training
- help with automated testing (try on several architectures)

Slides de la présentation

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