Détails sur le séminaire

Room 106, 1st floor
14 septembre 2017 - 14h00
Feasibility & Simulation Intervals of Schedules for Recurrent Real-Time Tasks
par Joël Goossens de Université libre de Bruxelles

Abstract: We will consider in this talk the design of real-time embedded systems, in particular we will focus the study on the _scheduler_ for real-time recurrent (mainly periodic) activities. We will introduce the notion of feasibility and simulation intervals to prove the system feasibility and to have a safe time-window for its analysis, respectively.
We will start the study by considering **uni**-processor systems. Based on periodicity properties of the whole schedule we will present schedulability intervals. Such intervals are used offline (at design time) to check the system schedulability. Those intervals are also used to define offline schedules.
Then we will motivate the importance, for the next embedded system generations, of **multi**-processor platforms. We will show why the scheduling problems are of a different nature. We will report negative results including the impossibility to have feasibility intervals. Fortunately, we will show the interest to have **simulation intervals** for the system analysis at design time. We will then present various such intervals.

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