Détails sur le séminaire

salle A. Turing CE4

27 février 2014 - 14h00
Toward a Timed Theory of Channel Coding
par Eugene Asarin de LIAFA

Abstract: During last five years we are working on entropy of timed languages. In this talk, based on our FORMATS'12 paper, we will briefly recall this notion and present our ideas on applying the entropy to transmission of hybrid (discrete-analog) information over channels.
The classical theory of constrained-channel coding deals with the following questions: given two languages representing a source and a channel, is it possible to encode source messages to channel messages, and how to realize encoding and decoding by simple algorithms, most often transducers. The answers to this kind of questions are based on the notion of entropy.
In the current work , the questions and the results of the classical theory are lifted to timed languages. Using the notion of entropy of timed languages introduced by Asarin and Degorre, the question of timed coding is stated and solved in several settings. (This is a joint work with Nicolas Basset, Marie-Pierre Béal, Aldric Degorre and Dominique Perrin)

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