Détails sur le séminaire

salle A. Turing CE4

24 janvier 2013 - 14h30
Seminaire doctorant
par Raphael Jamet de Verimag

Résumé : Secure and resilient protocols for wireless sensor
The goal for this thesis is to build and analyze secure protocols for wireless sensor networks. The inherent limitations of these platforms cause a lot of security challenges when compared to traditional networks, and thus, we need to find new ways of achieving security. We will first present our work on neighborhood detection, where we developed a model for the verification of k-neighborhoods in WSNs, and proposed a new protocol to detect them. The second part of this presentation is about SR3, a secure and resilient routing protocol based on a reputation mechanism. We formally proved some security properties of this protocol, and experimental evaluation showed that its resiliency and fairness is better than other protocols from the literature.

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