Détails sur le séminaire

Grande Salle de VERIMAG

18 juin 2010 - 10h00
Antescofo : A performance-synchronous language for computer music
par Arshia Cont de IRCAM

Abstract: Within centuries of evolution, musical notation has become a fascinating mean for abstraction of time and transcription of thought. A musical score transports the conceived structure from the compositional ideas towards various interpretations. The main particularity of interest here is its power of abstraction in describing complex, parallel, hierarchical and multiple-clock processes at the time of composition without missing the imaginary for its realization at the time of performance. In computer science, this projection of thought within a transcription is the major challenge of computer language design and computer music is no exception.
Antescofo is an attempt to address the gap between the compositional and performative aspects of computer music. It is a system composed of two coupled paradigms: A realtime recognition system capable of live listening of musicians performance, and a synchronous language with its interpreter for the live electronic sections of the score.
In this presentation we are going to introduce Antescofo and show how musical thought and synchronous modeling come so close. We motivate our presentation with examples of Antescofo during composition and performance projects and discuss challenges for our future INRIA team.
For more information : http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/Antescofo

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