Seminar details

Room 206 (2nd floor, badged access)

9 June 2023 - 10h00
Trends in real-time embedded networks: towards TSN
by Jean-Luc Scharbarg from IRIT

Abstract: Real-time Ethernet has been used to deal with the always increasing communication needs of embedded systems and functions in different contexts, e.g. automotive, aeronautic or space. It can offer a deterministic networking service to a large amount of control and command flows. The determinism guarantee relies on a mathematical proof that leads to a lightly loaded network. Therefore a significant amount of work has been devoted to the improvement of bandwidth usage. The main idea is to share the available bandwidth between critical an less/non critical flows while satisfying delay constraints of flows. Therefore Quality-of-Service facilities have to be implemented and associated timing analysis has to be provided. Two main classes of solutions are considered. The first one leverages priority based or round robin disciplines which don't require a global synchronization of components. The second one builds a global scheduling and requires a global synchronization. The most promising solution in this second class is TSN.
In this talk, we will first present the basic solution without Quality-of-Service facilities. Then we will show main propositions for the sharing of the network, with the associated challenges and some answers to these challenges.

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