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19 April 2017 - 14h00
High Level Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Systems: A focus on the SystemC-AMS Synchronization Problem
by Liliana Andrade from Verimag

Modeling and simulation of multi-disciplinary systems is currently an increasingly complex problem. These systems tend to be heterogeneous in the sense that they require the integration of components described by means of different physical/engineering disciplines (electrical, thermal, mechanical, …). To address this problem, designers require tools to describe the system’s components under different time domains and synchronize them in the same simulation environment.

In this talk I will present the SystemC library and its Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) extensions which provide a standardized methodology to model and simulate heterogeneous and embedded AMS systems at higher levels of abstraction. We will discuss the method introduced in SystemC-AMS for synchronizing Discrete Time (DT) and Discrete Event (DE) time domains and we will identify its drawbacks.

I will introduce an approach to represent the DT models and their interactions with the DE time domain. This approach is based on the Coloured Petri Nets (CPN) formalism. I will propose an analysis method for determining the causality of DT models regarding the DE domain. This method, in the case of causal models, determines a valid schedule including the order in which the DT models are executed and the order in which their interactions with the DE domain are performed. Otherwise, it proposes model changes to fix the detected causality problems.

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