Seminar details

New IMAG building Auditorium
22 June 2016 - 14h00
WCET-Aware Compilation and Optimization for Real-Time Systems
by Heiko FALK from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Abstract: During the design of embedded software, compilers play an important
role, since the machine code generated by them directly influences
criteria like, e.g., execution times. Particularly, compiler
optimizations could be beneficial to reduce such criteria
systematically. In the domain of real-time systems, the average-case
execution time (ACET) plays a minor role, in contrast to worst-case
execution times (WCETs).
The first part of this presentation discusses today's state of the art
when designing embedded real-time software, with an emphasis on code
generation and compilation. It will be motivated why the current
practice is unsatisfactory.
The second part introduces the WCET-aware C Compiler WCC for hard
real-time systems. By coupling the compiler with a static timing
analyzer, a formal WCET timing model was integrated into the compiler.
It will be motivated, with which particular challenges compiler
designers are faced when considering optimizations to improve real-time
The exploitation of this timing model is exploited by novel
optimizations is subject of the third part of this presentation. By
means of a scratchpad allocation, it will be shown how WCET-aware code
optimization can be tackled in general, and how concurrent multi-task
systems and their schedulability can be supported.

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