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10 March 2009 - 14h00
Wireless Security gets Physical
by Srdjan Capkun from ETH Zurich System Security Group

Abstract: This talk is concerned with the impact of the physical layer and physical locations on the security of wireless networks and their applications. We discuss the problem of location verification, and then show how location awareness can enable some basic security primitives like broadcast authentication. We further look at the problem of anti-jamming broadcast communication and show how the limitations of the wireless channel introduce a key-establishment/anti-jamming dependency cycle; we then describe a solution that breaks this cycle.
Short cv: Srdjan Capkun received the Dipl.Ing. Degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from University of Split, Croatia (1998), and the Ph.D. degree (Docteur es Sciences) in Communication Systems from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne) (2004). He was a postdoctoral researcher in the Networked & Embedded Systems Laboratory (NESL), University of California Los Angeles and an Assistant Professor in the Informatics and Mathematical Modeling Department (IMM), Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since September 2006, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich. His main interests are in the design and analysis of security protocols and systems for wireless and wireline networks.

Slides of the Presentation.

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