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15 September 2010 - 14h00
42, A Component-Based Approach to Virtual Prototyping of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems (Phd Defense)
by Tayeb BOUHADIBA from Verimag

Abstract: The work presented in this thesis deals with virtual prototyping of heterogeneous embedded systems. The design of these systems is complex, and finding an optimal solution is hard. Hence, engineers usually make simulations that require virtual prototyping of the system. Virtual prototyping of an embedded system aims at providing an executable model of it, in order to study functional and non-functional aspects of a system.
Our contribution is the design of a new component-based approach for the virtual prototyping of embedded systems, called 42. 42 is not a new language for the design of embedded systems, it is a tool for describing components and assemblies for embedded systems at the system- level.
Virtual prototyping of embedded systems must take into account the heterogeneous aspect of embedded systems. Following Ptolemy, several approaches propose a catalogue of MoCCs (Models of Computation and Communication) and a framework for hierarchically combining them in order to deal with heterogeneity.
As in Ptolemy, 42 allows to organize components and MoCCs in hierarchy. However, the MoCCs in 42 are described by means of programs manipulating a small set of basic primitives to activate components and to manage their communication.
A component-based approach like 42 requires a formalism for specifying components. We will present the means proposed by 42 to describe components. We will focus in particular on 42 control contracts.
42 is designed independently from any language or formalism and may be used jointly with the existing approaches. We provide a proof of concept to demonstrate the interest of using 42 and its control contracts with the existing approaches.

Jury composé de:

Jean-Bernard STEFANI (DR INRIA Grenoble), président proposé

Marc POUZET (Professeur UPMC/ENS), Rapporteur

Lionel SEINTURIER (Professeur Université de Lille), Rapporteur

Florence Maraninchi (Professeur Grenoble INP), Directrice de thèse

Slides in English,
Speech in French

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