Module Property

module Property: sig .. end
Functions to get properties from components.

As one can see, very few properties are taken into account for the time being...

Moreover, time units are ignored.

Time-stamp: <modified the 03/09/2007 (at 14:22) by Erwan Jahier>
Author(s): Louis Mandel, Erwan Jahier

val get_period : Aadl_ast.component -> int
get_period c returns period of the thread c. Raises Not_found if no period is associated to c.

type dispatch_protocol =
| Periodic
| Aperiodic
| Sporadic
| Backgroud
val get_dispatch_protocol : Aadl_ast.component -> dispatch_protocol
get_dispatch_protocol c returns dispatch protocol of the comp c. Raises Not_found if no period is associated to c.
val get_compute_execution_time : Aadl_ast.component -> Ident.integer * Ident.integer
get_compute_execution_time c returns the compute execution time interval of component c .
val get_processor_binding : Aadl_ast.component -> (Ident.t * (Ident.t * Ident.t)) list
get_processor_binding c returns the period of the component c. Raises Not_found if no processor binding is associated to c.

type access_mode =
| Read
| Write
| ReadWrite
| ByMethod
val get_provided_access_mode : list -> access_mode
val get_required_access_mode : list -> access_mode