Module Ident

module Ident: sig .. end
Identifier utilities

Time-stamp: <modified the 05/09/2007 (at 14:54) by Erwan Jahier>
Author(s): Louis Mandel, Erwan Jahier


type t =
| Ident of string
| Dot of string * t
| Col of string * t (*For example the AADL name FOO::BAR.f is represented as Col("FOO",Dot("BAR",Ident "f")).*)
val of_string : string -> t
val to_string : t -> string
val make_add_prefix : t -> t -> t
make_add_prefix id1 id2 adds id1 as prefix of id2.
val add_suffix : string -> t -> t
add_suffix suff id returns id suffixed by suff.
val make_new_ident : t -> string -> t
make_new_ident comp suffix returns an identifier based on comp name and the suffix suffix.


type integer =
| Id of t
| I of int
val integer_to_string : integer -> string

Identifier manipulations

aaxl idents are a bit clumsy. Here are some functions to clean them up.
val connection_string_to_ident : string -> string -> t
val aaxl_string_to_ident : string -> t
val aaxl_string_to_short_ident : string -> t
val aaxl_string_to_long_ident : string -> t
val feature_name_of_component_name : t -> t
The argument ougth to be a component
val type_name_of_implementation_name : t -> t
The argument ougth to be a component implementation
val is_prefix : t -> t -> bool
is_prefix id1 id2 checks if id1 is a prefix of id2.