FP7 IST STREP 215543, 2008-2010

COMponent-Based Embedded Systems design Techniques.


We look at computational and analytical models for non-functional properties of embedded systems.

The project pursues a dual approach, combining fundamental work with methods and tools for rigorous embedded systems design.

The fundamental work in COMBEST studies component-based design, by tackling two main problems:

  • Developing frameworks for the composition of heterogeneous components.
  • For such frameworks, develop theory allowing constructivity: inferring global properties of a system from the properties of its components. The methods and tools developed use results of the theoretical work, to ensure a rigorous design for heterogeneous systems. The tools cover modelling, verification, and performance analysis. Their use is supported by a global design methodology. In addition, we use two case studies, provided by industrial partners, to evaluate applicability of the tools.


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 Verimag People Involved

— Joseph Sifakis
— Bruno Bouyssounouse
— Saddek Bensalem
— Barbara Jobstmann


  Financed by

Commission Européenne

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