CAOTIC: Collaborative Action on Timing Interferences

2022-2026, ANR

Project CAOTIC is an ambitious initiative aimed at pooling and coordinating the efforts of major French research teams working on the timing analysis of multicore real-time systems, with a focus on interference due to shared resources. The objective is to enable the efficient use of multicore in critical systems. Based on a better understanding of timing anomalies and interference, taking into account the specificities of applications (structural properties and execution model), and revisiting the links between timing analysis and synthesis processes (code generation, mapping, scheduling), significant progress is targeted in timing analysis models and techniques for critical systems, as well as in methodologies for their application in industry.

In this context, the originality and strength of the CAOTIC project resides in the complementarity of the approaches proposed by the project members to address the same set of scientific challenges: (i) build a consistent and comprehensive set of methods to quantify and control the timing interferences and their impact on the execution time of programs; (ii) define interference-aware timing analysis and real-time scheduling techniques suitable for modern multi-core real-time systems; (iii) consolidate these methods and techniques in order to facilitate their transfer to industry.


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